A first hand account of the Men’s Rights Movement

By Melvin Richards, 

Women are not half the problem with domestic violence. Women are the victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence should be the shame of all of society.

Sadly, some men think that women deserve violence. Some men are proud of abusers. Some men even think that they themselves are the victims of feminism and it’s gains for women. These men hate women. They formed the men’s movement.

The Men’s Movement

The men’s movement is coterie of pathetic losers, gross bullies and sociopaths who are bound together by their mutual hatred of women. Luckily, this ‘movement’ is largely confined to the internet. Most participants are simply unfortunate losers and common misogynists looking for an anonymous thrill. However, there  is   a  lunatic fringe to  this lunatic  fringe. One American activist burnt himself to death in front of his wife and children. In Australia, a group of men harasses women who dare divorce their husbands or seek custody of their children. I have seen supporters of this movement disrupt court proceedings and accuse women prosecutors of lacking academic and legal qualifications. They are a hateful band growing bolder and more vicious every day.

To these ‘men’ women are little more than avaricious, parasitic wombs. All women are the enemy. They corrupt and enervate, sapping male vitality. In their reddit groups and blogs they trade stories of the oppression they suffer at the hands of women. In this endless feedback loop of pathetic rage they convince themselves that every problem in their life can be traced back to the pernicious influence of women. They see themselves as rebels against a degenerate feminised society.

Why We Should Fight Them!

We do not live is a society dominated by women. If women ran our society, why is that women are disproportionately the victims of rape and domestic violence. Why would the industries they dominate be the least respect and the worst paid? Why would they pay themselves less than men? Our society oppresses women, it is sexist.

For our own sakes, we must fight this system. We are taught from birth that ‘manliness’ and ‘masculinity’ means denying our emotions. We are taught to avoid community and spurn intimacy. We are taught to deny the very things that make us human. This is life spent barely living, bashing our heads against the wall.

Alienated and alone we are weak. Our only true power is our capacity for solidarity – our ability to join with others to defend our common interests. We need unions and political movements. We need progressive political parties. We cannot build those things without women. We need women who think independently. Women with courage and passion. Women with ideas and skills.

What women need from us is simple. They need us to get out of their way. Stop interrupting and start listening. Take their ideas seriously. Treat them as human beings.

As has been the case with all articles regarding the men’s rights group calling themselves ‘A voice for men’ we have changed the name to protect writers from harassment. 

In all likelihood these ‘activists’ will continue to troll, as we have said all along it’s best not to engage with them you should channel your energy into getting involved in the campaign ‘In my own voice’

12 thoughts on “A first hand account of the Men’s Rights Movement

  1. Paul Elam

    Here is what you are aiming to fight, and you will eventually lose because adolescent name calling will not forever shield you from being held accountable for your lies.


    Unfortunately, until your bigoted worldview is taken down, more than half the victims of domestic violence will continue to be ignored. This includes the children of abusive mothers.

    Stop your self loathing long enough to learn something.

    1. Frank James Spencer

      “A first hand account of the Men’s Rights Movement ”

      Really? I don’t remember you at the fortnightly meetings at my place, were you hiding in the bushes son?

      I had an interview with Stephen Drill form the herald-scum lined up, I guess he could of used the same title as you, but he reneged at the last minute when I joked that an AVfM film crew would be present.

  2. Jason Sutherland

    “They see themselves as rebels against a degenerate feminised society.”

    Wow… some truth… I found a kernel of truth in this haystack of psychotic spaghetti. Seriously, I would like to settle our differences by debating you guys, but you’re not honourable people. You don’t care about the truth, merely protecting your privileges and power. Articles like this also just reinforce how cognitively deficient and morally challenged you are.

    For example: “One American activist burnt himself to death in front of his wife and children.”

    His name was Thomas Ball and he didn’t burn himself in front of this wife and children, he burned himself to detah in front of the family court. However, even if you were correct, you’re still trying to tell me that a woman suffers more from the shock of watching a man burn himself to death than the man who actually died from self-immolation?

    You don’t see men as human beings, and that is why we’re after you. You’re not fit to carry the title “decent” human beings. You’re enemies of every civilised society and we will not rest until you’re purged from every position of influence you hold.

  3. dejour

    I find it ironic that you accuse MRAs of trolling here. Trolling means arguing disingenuously to get a rise out of your opposition. Agree or disagree with the MRA position, I don’t think you can argue that MRAs truly believe what they believe and think they are fighting the good fight. You don’t link to a plethora of serious academic articles as a joke.

    If anyone is trolling, it seems to be this blog post. You claim that women are the victims of domestic violence, and never the perpetrators. Yet you refuse to consider any of the abundant evidence that suggests otherwise. You go on weird speculative leaps accusing MRAs of simply hating women.

    You need to become better informed about MRA issues. You also seem to dismiss MRAs as misogynists. You don’t seem to consider that MRAs might have different understanding of the relationship between the sexes. Might I suggest that you could listen to prolific female MRAs like girlwriteswhat or typhonblue? That might help you avoid dismissing their arguments out of hand.

    http://www.genderratic.com/ (Typhonblue is one of the three bloggers there)

    I’m going to repost something about why I am an MRA here:

    “I consider myself an MRA. I also believe that men and women should be treated equally. I also have love in my heart for the vast majority of women (and men).

    My belief is that mainstream feminism believes that men have an underlying dislike of women and therefore seek to disadvantage women in whatever ways possible. As such, you can say that men rank higher than women on the social totem pole. And all the gender inequalities worth addressing seriously are those that affect women.

    My view is that the relations between men and women are more complicated than that. Specifically, I believe women are treated like children by society. Women are given less freedom, but are also loved dearly, and more deserving of protection. Now obviously, there are big disadvantages to that. To be thought of us as childlike makes one seem less suited to lead, to run a business, etc. Feminism addresses this aspect, as we strive to get more women involved in the board office, in politics, etc. But there are also positives to being treated as a child – you are held less responsible for your actions and more deserving of protection. As such, we find that men are sentenced to longer prison terms than women for the same crime. When the victim of a crime is a woman, the criminal is sentenced to a longer term than if the victim is a man. We find that men live much shorter lives, yet we still spend most of our health care dollars on women. We require men to fight wars but not women. Most victims of stranger violence are men, but it is women that we worry about walking the streets at night. Men are much more likely to be homeless. Boys are taught to never hit a girl, but they aren’t taught to never hit a boy. It’s why there is a psychological phenomenon called the “Women are Wonderful” effect which shows that both men and women are predisposed to prefer the female gender. It’s why we have lots of DV shelters for women but virtually none for men. Finally, it’s why male on female violence is considered so much more wrong than female on male violence.”

  4. Dan. P

    Channel your energy to putting an end to ALL domestic violence is the goal of every MRA worth his salt.
    Unlike where your bigoted energy is going


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