Rape culture- It’s alive and well.


Steubenville_Rape_Protest_ap_img_0Trigger Warning this post is about rape and rape culture.

Please don’t be confused by the political correct masses in society, that say that it isn’t ok to make jokes about rape and rape culture actually being dismantled.

Unfortunately this is not simply going to be a rant about the repulsive treatment of rape survivors in the media recently, although I might talk about it a bit.

Nor is this going to be about the facebook status that so many people post saying rape is never funny only to have people post rape jokes in the comments section which get more ‘likes’ than the original status.

It is however going to be about a website and its ad pop up. I am not going to say the actual page because the last thing I want is to get more visitors for them and their filth.  It was a youtube style website dedicated to rape footage, they claim to offer videos of forced sex, teen rape, and gay rape all 100% legit. AND you can submit your own videos!!

Although what’s almost worse than the fact that this website was A POP UP AD! Is the fact that when I googled it to find some website where normal people spoke about how disgusting it is that this website existed instead I found more. There are heaps of these websites.

I really just can’t understand what kind of filth of humanity not only thinks that it is ok to sexually assault and rape people but then to film it and put it online. As if they hadn’t put their victim through enough already.

As I mentioned before though, this is unfortunately not exclusive to the internet asshats, it is also all through international media.

The treatment of the 16 year old Steubenville rape victim in the media was an atrocity when she had already been through enough.

This is outright victim blaming. She has ruined their lives huh? So what did they do to her? And I am sure that the demonization of the victim is absolutely the way to fix the problem, because you know those poor guys have had a rough time.

All this has done is made the young women in this situation out to be the bad guy, it would have made her worse about what happened and herself.  And it is completely bloody wrong.

The only plus side of this whole situation in Steubenville is that there were then large rallies out the front of the courthouse this provides me with some hope for humanity.

All this whole thing has made me want to do, aside from get an internet filter for my computer (anyone with children feel free to recommend one for me) is to punch every one of these people in the face. Numerous times. Knock some sense into their heads. Or the hope that as this came out more people released that victim blaming still happens, and the impact that it has on the women who have to face it on top of what they already are, and that they will make an effort to end victim blaming.

you can find support services in your state here

you can find national support services here


Sorry for the second angry rant in a row. I promise the next one wont be.

Mikaela Wangmann

National Women’s Officer 2013 


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