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The men’s rights movement has come to our Australian universities. Here they call themselves ‘A voice for men’ and use incorrect statistics to claim, among other things, that domestic violence is half the fault of women.

If the ‘A voice for men’ group don’t speak for you then speak for yourself! Around Australia male university students are standing up and rejecting false claims about domestic violence and violence against women.

To learn more watch the video: 

How can I get involved?

By taking a picture of yourself holding a sign that starts with ‘In my own voice’ and then an anti violence against women statement. Send pictures to and they’ll be put up on the website.

Sign the petition (this one is for everyone) telling the men’s rights activists that we don’t want them spreading their hate on our campuses

18 thoughts on “In My Own Voice

  1. marxantimisandry

    So you want men to prioritize a minority recipient of violence (women) whilst insisting we ignore the majority victims of violence (men)? Regardless of who initiates more often (women) and regardless where IPV is more commonly found (lesbian relationships) or least often (homosexual relationships) – violence against ANYone is simply wrong… but why do feminists keep insisting we focus exclusively on the primary aggressors of violence and pretending they’re the only worthy victims? Feminists appear to be promoting heavy sexism here rather than any genuine concern for victims of violence.

  2. rper1959@gmail

    Ok I am grappling with the logic of this? Sorry I am a simple soul! How can this be genuinely in their own voices when you have told them what to say?

    “By taking a picture of yourself holding a sign that starts with ‘In my own voice’ and then an anti violence against women statement.”

    That is you are telling these men to make an “anti violence against women statement” that is you are promoting gender division, and sexism. Surely we should all be making an anti violence statement regardless of the gender of the victim?

    I say and I will send you a picture later

    “To family violence – I say no!”
    “To all violence – I say no!”
    ” To child abuse – I say no!”

    and I will put the logo in my picture, not because I believe speaks for me, but because it is a forum where I can voice my opinions and concerns in a respectful supportive environment away from the heterophobic male bashing displayed by modern gender feminists.

    Greg Canning

  3. Dan. Nyboy

    Funny how none of those ‘men’ or your campaign even mentions stopping D.V against men.
    Yup you are really against D.V. for women only. Epic Fail
    I have a nice screen grab of ms jovics comment about how your organization continues to ignore D.V. against men.
    Nah no sexism there, which btw isn’t that one of the main goals of feminism to end sexism? Really an epic fail.
    As for the statistics I do believe there is enough peer reviewed studies and statistics to prove parity or something very very close to parity in developed nations
    Screen grab taken for none of what I have said is offensive unless you have been deluded into believing the feminist mantra of man bad woman good.
    I didn’t realize censorship was a main tenant of feminism, learn something new everyday I suppose .

  4. Dave

    “use incorrect statistics to claim, among other things, that domestic violence is half the fault of women.”

    “Incorrect” as in backed up by hundreds of academically sound and scientific studies? Feminists are the ones who lie about domestic violence and pretend women don’t really commit it and try to excuse them when they do. Just because genuine statistics and studies contradict your sexist man-hating world view doesn’t make them “incorrect”. You just don’t like the truth.

    Interestingly, someone running your campaign and answering the phone at your office has already been exposed as supportive of the hatred of men in a recent phone call regarding the above campaign. Check the Voice for Men website to hear her laugh and approve of comments condemning the male gender as “disgusting” and agree to place such hateful comments on this very page. Whoever supports such sexism needs to lose their job if they haven’t been fired already.

  5. Li

    I see the MRA pile on has already begun. Tell you what guys, I’ll believe you’re serious about violence against men when you start tackling the prison-industrial complex and alcohol related violence perpetrated by other men. Until then, since you seem content primarily with calling feminists “man-haters” and women the “primary aggressors of violence”, I’m going to assume your issue isn’t the violence that men face but the fact that women are daring to talk about violence in a way that doesn’t elide its systemic nature.

  6. PuppyKickingFeministCosFeministsKickPuppiesDuhhhhhhh

    Hey misogynists,

    Stop claiming that studies which use the CTS are proof that violence against women isn’t more prevalent than violence against men. Even the researchers themselves said you shouldn’t. It is not a thing.

    If you think that DV against men is a big enough problem that it requires more resources, why not go out and build a shelter (like many women have done before you) for those men instead of sitting here trolling on the internet?

    To anyone who comes to this page and thinks that these guys have a point, please do a little bit more research around their page, particularly their remarks on single mothers and rape victims. These guys don’t actually care about advocating for men, they just care about belittling women.

  7. fidelbogen


    The CTS survey instrument is the best one we’ve got, by far. Most of the feminist studies which which “prove” male perpetration are dishonest or flawed in some way. Believe me, they’re piss-poor.

    As to DV shelters for men, there is a guy in Ohio who wants to start one, and I donated generously to his fundraising campaign. Are you happy now? (Not that it matters.)

    All right, the problem which pro-male partisans mainly focus upon, is the social cancer of feminism and all the harm it does to society.

    For example, feminists in many quarters have been spreading lies about domestic violence for a third of a century now, claiming that men commit 95% of it. This has been hugely debunked by hundreds of top-notch academic studies (yes, with the CTS!), but feminists everywhere are stopping their ears and singing ‘la la la la la!” and repeating the old mantras like there is no tomorrow. They are a cult of true believers.

    The bulk of evidence strongly indicates that DV is symmetrical between men and women, and the burden of proof is upon anybody who would make the standard feminist claim.

    By the way, in Vancouver, BC, our local branch has been putting up posters which say “Men’s Rights are Human Rights”, and the local feminists are in a RAGE about this. Weird, isn’t it? Apparently they don’t believe that human rights are applicable to men.

  8. fidelbogen

    The trouble with this entire anti-male backlash is that it trades upon the feminist myth that “violence against women’ is a grossly disproportional social pandemic. It is, in fact, nothing of the kind. In point of sheer numbers, men suffer the bulk of violence in this world by FAR! Violence against men dwarfs violence against women, when you look at the world as a whole.

    As for domestic violence, well, we know that men and women are about equally guilty in that department. So, this whole “violence against women” trope is little better than emotionally based moral hysteria which, by the way, strongly undermines the feminist claim that “women are oppressed.”

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  10. Li

    These pseudonyms seem awfully familiar. Weren’t ya’ll banned from a whole bunch of feminist blogs for trolling? Why do you think it’s suddenly going to be popular here?

    “Women aren’t oppressed, you hysterical man-hating bitch”.

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  14. qvaken

    Oh, lawdy. Go and collect your $50, you out-of-work MRA journalists who troll any anti-MRA posts on the internet.

    Keep MRAs the heck away from educational institutions in Australia. Down with violence against women.

  15. Ed Drain (@SoldierCoder)

    In my own words: Violence against women as a minority event? You’ve got to be kidding! Around the world, women are kept from educational and business opportunities, starved, beaten, sex trafficked (really should be called “rape trafficking”) killed by omission (not treating very curable conditions) and kept out of power. Stop lying about what’s happening to women.


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