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The New F Word: A letter from a feminist to her 12 year old self

Written by a feminist who would prefer to remain anonymous

“Dear gum-popping, strawberry lipgloss-wearing, 12 year old self with her Discman spinning the latest N’Sync album while thumbing the pages of Dolly,

While some things haven’t changed, such as your love for trashy 90s pop, a lot of other things have done so and for the better. 

All of that make-up and baggy clothing you hide under? You’re going gain the confidence to show the world who you are and instead use them as tools for expressing your inner self and personality.

Those magazines that make you feel inadequate and invisible? You’re going to learn to ignore them and find new role models that better reflect who you are and who you want to become.

The imperfections and blemishes that you resent? You’re going to learn to accept them as roadmaps that show where you have been in the past, like a tiger earning her stripes. 

That niggling thought at the back of your mind that you never meet anyone’s standards? You’ll learn that the problem isn’t you, that it’s in fact the unrealistic standards of society.

Those friends that tear you down to make themselves feel better? You’re going to meet intelligent, kind, caring, generous, and supportive people who will share their lives with you, some for a short while and others for a long while, and enrich it with their presence.

You already have the ability to do all of the above, but Feminism will help you with the process. It’ll provide you with the language to describe what you’re feeling, the tools to make society better, and friends to support you along the way. That’s just the beginning of it, though, you still have the rest of your life to explore yourself and society and hopefully make both happier. 

Best of luck,

A feminist.”